Our Team

L – R: Myriam, Mariam, Leyda & Kim

Behind the Movement

Cara (she/her)
Program Director

Cara is a creative, empathetic and dynamic collaborator & educator. She works with people ages 0-99 to build personal and collective capacity – utilizing her versatile experiences, rich background, and skill sets.

Cara is always interested in contributing to projects, products and companies that encourage wild-yet-doable imagination, knowledge exchange, holistic development, and personal growth.

Celeste (she/her)
Community Outreach Coordinator

Celeste is a queer, Black musical artist, DJ, and creative. She is passionate about creating and holding intentional space for community growth and healing. Throughout her time in Ottawa, she has been involved with a number of grassroots organizations and groups working towards social, environmental, and economic justice. Celeste is dedicated to cultivating meaningful connections between other QTBIPOC youth through creative expression & spiritual practices. She is a firm believer in the power of community-based learning amongst peers with similar generational and lived experiences.

Leyda (she/her)
Programming & Partnerships Coordinator

Leyda is a community collaborator and creative content producer originally from Mexico State, raised in Texas, and currently living in Ontario. She is invested in storytelling through different platforms and urges everyone to share their own experiences (if they feel safe) through their chosen medium, whether it be blogging, poetry, painting, filming, graphic novels, etc. She believes in empowerment through vulnerability and in community uplifting through systems created with tenderness and understanding in mind. 

Mailyne (she/her)
Communications Coordinator

Mailyne aka Mai, is an entrepreneur and visual artist operating her own business (Dream Love Grow Media) providing multimedia and digital communication services such as photography, videography and graphic design for social media, branding and marketing purposes. Mai is also active in the community advocating for art and mental health through her nonprofit, A.R.T. In Action. She has a passion for environmentalism (leading a zero waste lifestyle), and helps organizations that advocate for social and economic justice. She works diligently to create accessible programs and services for youth, the Filipinx community and those who are affected by systemic barriers.

King Kimbit (she/her/they/them)
Community Advisor

Nguyễn Anh Thư, better known by her stage name, King Kimbit, is a versatile, devoted and deeply sincere Ottawa-based spoken word artist, singer and instrumentalist. King Kimbit is best known for her ability to blend gritty personal narratives with compassionate social consciousness. She articulates the spectrum of her thoughts and feelings in a way that is consistently poignant, musical and heart-felt.

Because of her consistent devotion to raising consciousness and culture within every community where her art can be heard, shared and felt, King Kimbit has garnered respect and admiration not only for the sincerity and skillfulness of her art, but for the empathy, resilience, social consciousness and dedication she embodies as a community member and creative contributor.

We would like to acknowledge our former committee members who have made yoga.unity possible:

Philippa Jabouin, Program Coordinator

Mailyne of Dream Love Grow Media, Communications Coordinator

Abiola Akande, Community Outreach Coordinator

Rosey Dougé-Charles, Community Liaison

Melissa Redmond, Volunteer