Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Volunteer Staff

The Yoga.Unity team is made up entirely of passionate and dedicated volunteers.
If you’d like to volunteer with Yoga Unity, email us at woc.unity @ gmail.com

Creator, Co-founder and Chair


Yoga.Unity acknowledges its former Committee Members and volunteers who devoted their love, time and energy to make all this possible:

Kethy, Co-Chair and Program Coordinator

Lucila, Co-Chair and Program Coordinator

Chansone, Social Media and Finance Support

Antiona, Treasurer (Follow on Instagram)

Sydnée Bourgess, Program Coordinator (Follow on Instagram)

Celeste, Community Outreach Coordinator (Follow on Instagram)

King Kimbit, Community Advisor (Follow on Instagram)

Mailyne K. Briggs of Kilam Media, Digital Media Support (Follow on Instagram)

Cara Gooding, Program Coordinator

Philippa Jabouin, Program Coordinator

Leyda Estrada- Arellano, Programming & Partnerships Coordinator

Abiola Akande, Community Outreach Coordinator

Rosey Dougé-Charles, Community Liaison

Melissa Redmond, Volunteer

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