Our Teachers

Yoga.Unity welcomes yoga & wellness teachers with varied experience and backgrounds.
Please get in touch with us if you’d like to lead our yoga, meditation and wellness classes!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are always looking for folks within the LGBTQ2IA+ community who are interested in leading and holding space for their community members. Is this you? Contact us at woc.unity@gmail.com


Yoga.Unity is immensely grateful for the past support and contributions of the following individuals:

Lucila (Follow on Instagram)

Kethy (Follow on Instagram on Personal Account and @bipocyogisottawa )


Nupur (follow on Instagram)

Tonia (Follow on Instagram)

Ro Nwosu (follow on Instagram)

Priscilla Jabouin (follow on Instagram)

Sydnee Burgess (follow on Instagram)

Loli Moon (follow on Instagram)

Myriam Madhevi

Edith Pariñas

Manali Scott

Wendy Issa

Aisha Zaman

Nashifa Dharshi

Shar Chowdhury


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