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Yoga Unity has welcomed many yoga teachers with varied experience, levels and backgrounds. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to teach a class with Yoga Unity or if you would like our teacher to hold space for you!


My name is Tika and I am a yoga teacher and spiritualpreneur. Yoga found me at a time in my life where I lost connection with myself. As a retired ballerina, being connected to my body has always been important. Overtime I became disconnected and didn’t know where to turn. That’s where yoga came in! 

I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for yoga teacher training at Elevate Yoga in Ottawa, Ontario. I didn’t think I was good enough to teach yoga and didn’t believe I fit the image of what being a yoga teacher was. Something within me decided it was time to stop being afraid and start living for me. After graduating I found my connection to myself and my purpose. 

 I believe with yoga as a consistent practice, anyone can have a sense of tranquility and connection. It is important that we all take a moment for ourselves, to connect and listen to what our body is telling us. As your teacher, it is my mission to guide you to finding tranquility and connection within yourself, while following your highest excitement. In my classes, you will learn to connect with your mind, body and spirit. I teach hatha, vinyasa and even spiritual inspired classes. Join me for a moment to disconnect from the 3D realm and connect to the 4D and 5D realms. Together we can align to our higher selves and vibrate peace to everything around us. 

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Lucila is a yoga practitioner, singer, songwriter and creative expression facilitator. Her classes aim to inspire, empower, and advance awareness of breath and movement and how it’s interconnected in everything. Lucila takes a mindful approach that reminds students to be gentle with themselves and to appreciate the ever-evolving moment of right now, to be fully present. Her hope is that you step off the mat and into the world feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Check out her website for more info www.lucilaalmar.com

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I fell in love with Ottawa’s greenspace a couple year back and have not considered returning back to my hometown in Montreal, yet. Currently, in my freetime, I entertain an affair with the cello, exercising and spending time with my pet rabbit. Also, those who know me will know that I’m pretty damn passionate about the Yoga Unity space and the importance of anti-racism and decolonization work in wellness spaces in Ottawa. More about me at www.sydyoga.com

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Hello! My name is Kethy. 
I am a Cameroonian – Canadian Black woman (she/her) living/working in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with a background in ashtanga and vinyasa hatha yoga. I teach Slow Yoga Flows that are accessible to Beginners. This yoga practice is meant to be taken at one’s own pace, letting go of expectations and meeting the body and the mind in the present. Mindful movements — strengthening and stretching muscles — while focusing on the rhythm of our breath. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Breath. Move. Modify. Rest. Go hard. Go slow. Do you. I am only here to guide you. The journey is all yours to enjoy.
I am also an advocate for my fellow Black people as we navigate the predominantly White wellness/fitness space. I Stand with the larger community of Indigenous people and People of Colour, and as a Feminist, I am learning to be more vocal of my support for the LGBTQIA2+ community. 

Follow her:  @kethysk, with hashtag #yogawithkethy or on Facebook at “Yoga With Kethy“.

Kethy (S-K) Sangaré


Priscilla was Yoga Unity’s original teacher when it was founded 5 years ago.
As an Advanced Yoga Teacher (500 RYT) with the Sivananda lineage – Priscilla a.k.a. Satya has been teaching yoga for self-care since 2014. Her background includes teaching YogaFit® style classes and a variety of group fitness classes since 2006. When you step into a yoga class with Priscilla, you will learn how to approach life mindfully by paying attention to your body’s subtle messages and breathe consciously to help you relax. In addition to her yoga practice, Priscilla passionately helps creative professional women get clear about their dream career and the confidence to make it a reality. As The Dream Career Expert, her mission is to get as many people as possible waking up to a career and life they love! 

More on her at https://mymaptohappiness.com/

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My name is Ro, I’m a Canadian yoga/movement teacher and wellness educator in Renfrew, Ontario which is just outside Ottawa, Ontario (Nations Capital). I am the only Black yoga studio owner in the Ottawa Valley. I can’t say I’m the only Black teacher in the Ottawa Valley anymore and I’m extremely excited about that.
When I’m not teaching I’m also an influencer/creator and that is a bit new to me as I’ve only been doing so for 3 years.

I’m a single mother of one fantastic boy who I call the fleshling and he is creative, strong and loving. I discovered yoga through postpartum depression and it lifted me up and out.
My parents are two strong Nigerian humans who immigrated to Newfoundland where I was born. They have always taught me to be my weird and loud self.

You’ll notice that I love pie. You will also notice that I’m not a fan of buttertarts and while that may be a surprise, It’s truth.

You’ll find out that I dig some nerdy things, geeky things, mystical things and all of those have made me who I am.

You’ll know that Green Bay has the best football team in the world, Boston has a fantastic baseball team and New Zealand a kick ass Rugby team.
I dance everywhere because it brings me joy, it lifts me up and I truly believe it’s a language we don’t use often. NOT because it’s entertaining for anyone else. I’m not here to be anyone’s entertainment.
My grid is here to help you come into who you are through knowing that you can be kind, weird and take no mud from anyone yet still grow. It sounds funny but it hasn’t let me down yet.

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I am Nupur Suthar! An environmental engineer and yoga trainer. I am from the origin of yoga, India! I have realised the importance of yoga when I was eighteen years old. My desire to explore new opportunities encouraged me to opt for yoga teacher’s training course and that was one of the best decisions of my life. I love to meet new people, make great connections and explore different cultures, that’s the reason I decided to join Yoga Unity which connects various cultures and creates safe space for everyone to practice yoga. My classes include various breathing techniques and therapeutic yoga postures designed as per authentic Indian yoga class. I would love to see such yoga enthusiasts in my class!

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My name is Chansone, I am a yoga practitioner and instructor with a passion for the outdoors and for nature. I enjoy focusing on aspects of mindful movement, functional mobility and generating heat and energy in the vinyasa style, which is accessible to a wide range of skill levels. I believe yoga can provide a meaningful space where the mind and the body can truly connect and grow. Yoga can be an enriching space for individual healing and an empowering platform from which community building and community engagement can take place – where people can come together and create inner as well as broader level change. Outside of my yoga practice I enjoy climbing, cycling, painting and gardening (and maybe a little bit of planning to one day own a vegetable farm). 

Former Teachers:

Myriam Madhevi

Edith Pariñas

Manali Scott

Wendy Issa

Aisha Zaman

Nashifa Dharshi

Shar Chowdhury


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